Insurance Claims
So I have hail damage, what’s next?
1.)- First, call your insurance agent.

2.)- Tell them Jarvis Exteriors identified hail damage on your home.

3.)- They will then ask when the damage occurred.

4.)- Soon afterwards an insurance adjuster will contact you to make an appointment to access the damage. Let the adjuster know that you wish to have your contractor present when he or she comes out in order to point out the damage; this eliminates unidentified damage and multiple inspections. Make sure to give the adjuster your Jarvis field estimators name & cellular #. This allows the adjuster to make an appointment time directly with our field estimator. Note: If the adjuster calls you and leaves a message that he or she will be out at, let’s say Tuesday at 4pm, then call your field estimator immediately so we can arrange to be there.

5.)- On the date of the inspection we will meet the adjuster and show him or her all the damage so everything is documented. You aren’t required to be there so you can either elect to be present or not, but keep in mind that if you have interior damage (leaks, water spots, etc.) the adjuster will need to have access to the interior of your home.

6.)- After adjuster inspects your home, occasionally the adjuster will do the paperwork and issue a check on site, and leave it with you or more often so, send it to you at a later date.

7.)- When you receive the paperwork, you need to call and have your Jarvis field estimator review the Paperwork to ensure that nothing was left off, improperly measured, or inadequately covered. If anything needs to be addressed further, your Jarvis field estimator will advise you on what needs to be done next.

8.)- Insurance claim payments are made to you in multiple payments, so don’t worry if the initial check seems to be insufficient:

● The initial check is made for the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the damaged items, much like the blue book value of a used car, your roofing is not worth what it was when it was new. That amount is what the initial check is based upon, minus your deductible of course.

● The remaining check(s) are available for release by the insurance company to you, upon presentation of a final invoice, by your contractor, of the completed repairs. These funds will bring the total paid out by the insurance company up to the Replacement Cost Value (RCV), the claim total minus your deductible. Remember, you need to understand that the insurance company will not release any more money than you can prove you spent on the repairs, again, minus your deductible of course. In other words: The insurance company never wants to see a customer profit from a claim beyond what the repair added to the value of the home.

9.)- Upon verification that you have been adequately covered for the damage you can start to consider your product and color choices, review all of the project details with your field estimator, and only when you completely understand all of the project details, will we start to schedule the repairs.

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