Licensing and Education
We are, as required by Illinois state law, licensed by the Illinois Department Of Professional Regulation as an unlimited rated roofing contractor, enabling us to legally complete all types of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential installations.
Insurance Industry Education
In addition to the thousands of insurance claims we have been involved with, many of our company representatives have successfully completed insurance adjuster training courses at various adjuster schools for: HAAG Hail Damage Engineering Standards, Hurricane & Flood Certifications, Smoke Fire & Water Restoration and Mold & Mildew Remediation.
Construction Education
Keeping up with the ever changing building codes, environmental restrictions, safety regulations and newly developed products and their application is continuous process at Jarvis Exteriors, Inc. We are constantly striving to stay informed of the changes in the construction industry, and aside from the numerous certifications we hold, we are a strong believer in the continuing education offered by the manufacturers and industry groups as it becomes available.

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