It’s All in the Details

There are so many elements to consider when remodeling the outside of your home. This sounds intimidating, especially if you’ve never thought about the changes that can be made to highlight the great features of your home. Our Jarvis Exteriors representitives are top-notch and can give you plenty of ideas to choose from.

Here is an example of a home in Crystal Lake that we completely revamped with siding, windows, and a few small details. The homeowners chose a new beautiful front door, garage door, and lights, which as you can see really packs a punch.

The siding we used is vinyl made by Mastic in the color Deep Granite. We used two different types of siding to give archetectural interest to the home. The new Simonton 5500 windows really pull everything together. We agree that the window wrap, fresh soffit and fascia, and aluminum wrapped corner posts gives this home a completely updated look. The vents and master mounts behind the lights are just the little things that add up to big impact.

Think about the things you love about your home and ask your Jarvis representitive how that can be highlighted. We can promise you a high-impact refreshing look that will make you feel proud when you come home.

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